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    樱桃视频 Grant Application Process/Guidelines


    1. Employee must complete the Grant Application Form prior to applying for the grant.


    1. Secure grant approval from the building administrator.


    1. Send the Grant Application form, along with a copy of the grant, to the Supervisor of the department the grant pertains to:
      1. Curriculum/Instruction: Karin Ryan
      2. Nurses: Kerry Roach
      3. Special Education: Angie Kownacki
      4. English Language Learners: Karin Ryan
      5. Athletics: Dale Mills
      6. Career and Tech: Jason Burgert
      7. Behavior Programs/Mental Health: Scherry Prater
      8. Art/Music/Wellness: Karin Ryan
      9. IT: Neal Brokman


    If approved, Supervisor of the department will forward to Neal Brokman.


    1. Mr. Brokman will review the grant information.


    1. Mr. Brokman will send the information back to the Employee for submission.


    After submission of the grant and if the grant is approved, please send a copy of the completed grant application approval, award notice and budget narrative to Dylan Johnston, Finance Department, and Andrea Valerio-Malone, Business Department.

    For any tax related questions, please contact Randy Pruchnicki.

    Contact Info:
    Neal Brokman
    Executive Director of Operations
    (814) 874-6123