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    EPS Accelerated Learning Academy 
    The 樱桃视频 Accelerated Learning Academy (formerly known as the Recovery Academy) provides flexible educational opportunities to district students who are in high school and have fallen behind on credits. Students eligible to attend the Accelerated Learning Academy (ALA) are those students who are currently not on track to attain the required number of credit hours associated with their chosen high school program to graduate within four years.
    The ALA utilizes the district's digital curriculum, which enables the district to offer online standards-based Math, Science, English, Social Studies and World Languages coursework to students as well as face-to-face instruction on the fundamental skills needed in the aforementioned content areas.
    The EPS ALA is designed to be a local educational option for Erie students who have attended high school for at least two years and have not yet achieved the required credits to advance into at least the 11th grade. The ALA is located in the Student Success Center at Emerson-Gridley School, 816 Park Avenue North.
    What makes 樱桃视频 Accelerated Learning Academy option most attractive is the flexibility for students to earn back lost credits while receiving the fundamental instruction which may have inhibited a student's ability to earn them.
    The District reserves the right to deny admission to the Accelerated Learning Academy if the District Administration believes that placement does not serve the best educational interests of the student. 
    Contact Info:
    Chandra Slocum, Coordinator of Alternative Programming
    (814) 874-6015
    Jill Crable, Principal
    (814) 874-6450