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  • 樱桃视频 is the exceptional school district it is today in no small part due to the efforts and contributions of many African-American educators and community leaders who helped create, build and improve upon it in countless ways. Read about their achievements and contributions by clicking on "Trailblazers & Changemakers" at left.

  • You can also discover how our students are learning about important Black figures throughout history, how they're applying that knowledge, and how they're celebrating Black History Month in the classroom by clicking on "Black History Month 2024: What Our Students Are Learning" in the menu on the left. New information will be added each week.  

  • An Interview With ...

    Watch our conversations with people sharing their perspectives about the crucial role of Black educators in student success; district efforts to foster diversity, equity and inclusion; the importance of community partnerships, and more. 



  • Did You Know?


    Our very own Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School is named in part in honor of Erie-born musician and composer Harry T. Burleigh. Please take a moment to watch this episode of "We, Too, Sing America: African American Voices of Song," focusing on Burleigh and his legacy.

    "We, Too, Sing America" is a virtual series created by Aural Compass Projects during their 2020-2021 season. Aural Compass Projects describing the work: "This project is a resource for musicians and music lovers interested in learning through its exploration of 16 African American composers and poets who have contributed to the art song genre. Featuring interviews with modern-day leading performers and scholars of spirituals and African American art song, each episode focuses on a specific composer or poet’s life, influence, and their important works."