• HealthStudent Health Service Department

    Supervisor: Kerry Roach
    Phone Number: 814-874-6928
    Department Secretary: Laura Sheehan
    Phone Number: 814-874-6097

    Each year the Certified School Nurse (CSN) needs to complete these mandates for designated grades:
    • Screening including height, weight, body mass index and vision for all students
    • Hearing Screenings (grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11)
    • Scoliosis screenings (grades 6 and 7)
    • Physical Examination  (grades K, 6 and 11) 
    • Dental Screening (grades K, 3 and 7)
    • *If a student does not provide a copy of their private physical and dental form, the school dentist or physician assistant will complete these screenings free of charge.  We encourage students to bring in their completed forms from their private providers*


    Other assignments/duties the school nurse completes:

    • Care for sick and injured students, including first aid, referral to a physician or dentist, parent contact and education for students and their parents regarding the student's medical condition and treatment or care
    • Immunization review, notification and enforcement as required by Pennsylvania requirements
    • Information and assistance in obtaining follow-up care related to screenings or illness and injury care
    • Medication administration for students who require medication during the school day
    • Medical treatments, procedures and assessment for students who require these services in order to attend school
    • Identification and exclusion of students with contagious conditions to maintain a healthy school environment
    • Health education programs for dental hygiene, puberty, and other topics related to student health


    Department Resources: