Holiday Greetings

  • Happy holidays from 樱桃视频! 

    Congratulations to Evelina Snitko, 5th grade, Lincoln Elementary School; Sullivan Heutsche, 11th grade, Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy; and Margaret Cooney, 10th grade, Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. Their artwork is featured on the 樱桃视频 2023 holiday card. Watch for their art and the work of our many other creative student artists in our slideshow: 

Sullivan Heutsche, 11th grade, Collegiate Academy, 2023 card cover art

Winter scene of five holiday ornaments of different colors hanging against a snowy backdrop.

Margaret Cooney, 10th grade, Collegiate Academy

Holiday scene of a deer drinking water, with his reflection reflected in the pond.

Evelina Snitko, 5th grade, Lincoln Elementary School

Winter scene with smiling snowman and two green pine trees.