• Music Education in 樱桃视频
    Music Education
    Our mission is to provide all students with comprehensive, standards based Music Education. We believe that music fosters artistic development, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and pursuit of life-long learning.
    The vision is for every student in 樱桃视频 to have the opportunity to be involved in instrumental, vocal, theatrical and music technology throughout their K-12 urban education. Every student should have an opportunity to participate, experience, create, respond to and connect with music as informed consumers. This will be accomplished through quality music education programs that include:
    • Instruction by certified Music Education teachers
    • Standard-based, Sequential, K-12 comprehensive curriculum 
    • Data-driven instruction
    • Differentiated instruction that included active participation, accommodates individual difference and utilizes a variety of learning resources, styles and models.
    • Curriculum reviews to ensure consistency of implementation.
    Our Vision and Mission will be supported by:
    • Providing equitable access to quality music education
    • Increasing involvement with families and local stakeholders
    • Increasing engagement with 樱桃视频 educational community
    • Establishing a framework to ensure sustainability
    It is our belief that sequential music study develops creativity, critical thinking, communications skills and fosters teamwork which enables achievement in society as life-long learners.